What I am Gifting my Besties this Holiday Season!


It is that time again- gift giving season and I don’t know about you, but this can send me into a spiral of anxiety. Something about wanting to make sure the gifts are meaningful or that they will be useful tends to stress me out. Waiting to the last minute also doesn’t help, so I say, get a jump on it now!

One way I am combating this is with the idea that if I like a product or find it useful, most likely others will too. Most of the time we buy things based on what we see on Instagram or a blog (ehhem…) but personal recommendations factor in as well. Some of my favorite things have started out as someone I know and love giving me their favorite item, and so, I am here to pay it forward!

These are some of my must have items, my personal favorites and the things I will be gifting my girlfriends this holiday season. Most of these items are fairly inexpensive which is also important- lets not break the bank this year!

Ever since I found out about these removable makeup eraser towels– I have been in love. These will make a great gift for my friend who loves to get all dolled up. 

First off, they are much better for the environment then the disposable makeup remover wipes. Secondly, they remove makeup JUST with water- which is amazing! Third, they are the perfect size, and last about 4-6 months. Once their time is up, I use them as cleaning towels- win win!

I purchase these ones here from Amazon but there are multiple colors and brands available. My husband and I share one every night to wash the day away- he uses one side and I use the other.

Pair this with a fun sparkly eyeshadow- my favorite is this one, or a beauty blender to keep the theme going!

For my friend who never makes it to brunch on time because they slept in late (you know who you are!) I am gifting them my absolute favorite lip mask and these luxurious eye patches.

This lip mask is the last thing I put on before I turn in at night and it has it’s own spot on my nightstand. I get mad when I forget to bring it on vacation- that’s how much I love it.  It comes in multiple flavors and has a cult following for a reason. You can get this at Sephora or from their website. It is sold at other retailers as well but check your pricing to make sure you are not being overcharged. They also come out with holiday flavors every year if like me, you find yourself wanting one for yourself too!

The second item are these under eye patches. They are cooling and moisturizing, plus, they just make you feel a little fancy! I love these ones from Mizon but there are more expensive options like these if you want to splurge- however I don’t think you need to. I have found the Mizon brand to be wonderful and affordable and I use many items in their line. I used to buy it from a different retailer but they have an official Amazon store (it’s not a re-seller) so I know the item is legit!

Put these two items together maybe with a sleeping mask or some relaxing pillow spray and your friend will be having sweet dreams before you know it!

I know it is winter here in the northern hemisphere, but you can brighten your friends dreary winter related blues with the promise of sandy beaches or lakeside jaunts!

I am OBSESSED with the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, the Body Spray and their Perfume. It is my signature scent and everyone I introduce it to loves it as well. It’s summery, but warm, so I personally feel like I can rock it year round.

So, for my beach bunny friend, I am gifting either the travel pack (kind of an introduction to the brand) or a full size body cream. I recently bought these Turkish towels which are great for the beach or pool, plus they have lots of pretty colors. Pair the two together or pop them both in a cute tote like this one as the perfect gift for your summer loving bestie.

I only buy the Sol de Janiero brand at Sephora because I normally have a gift card to use from there (thanks brother!) but you can buy it from their official online store and I think some other retailers carry it as well. If you sign up for emails on their website they will send you special offers and discounts too.

We all have that friend who seems to do it all and makes it look easy, but trust me on this, they most often deny themselves self care because they are so busy taking care of everyone else. This friend is the one who is always there when you need them so I suggest gifting them something so they can take so me time to take care of themselves.

Two wellness trends that are part of my routine are dry brushing and facial gua sha. More posts are coming on these topics soon, but they are a game changer for skin health and vitality.

A gua sha tool can come in many colors, materials and shapes, but the one with the comb or notch feature is my preference. To effectivly use the tool, you should use a facial oil on the skin to allow the tool to glide over your face easily. My favorite face oil is this one from The Ordinary and it works with almost all skin types. They have other kinds as well like their rose hip oil that is very popular but I like the squalene personally. The Ordinary can be found in the US at Ulta, Sephora or from their site. I don’t believe they have any authorized sellers on Amazon so if you purchase from there- read the reviews to make sure they aren’t selling out of date or damaged products (it has been known to happen)

Another self care tool I’m including is this dry brush. Especially during the winter when our skin gets extra dry, this tool invigorates your skin AND exfoliates. Wrap these items up with your favorite candle or some bath salts if you want to be extra- but these items in a cute box with a satin bow will be totally cherished.

For the friend who never sits still, whether they are running after their kids, or have a job that keeps them on their feet- OR the friend who has just finished training for a marathon, I am gifting my favorite cozy socks from Barefoot Dreams and a foot peel. If you haven’t heard of “Baby Foot” products and the aftermath, lets just say it is awesome and gross at the same time, however as someone who used to work on her feet all the time, I would treat myself to a peel once a year and watch my feet become baby soft. You can purchase the original “Baby Foot” brand but I have had success with this one as well and it’s a tiny bit less expensive. I promise you that if you give this gift, you will be promoted to #1 Bestie!

If you’re wanting to add in any extra’s with this gift, a bottle of wine will go nicely as you have to sit for an hour while the peel works, or am I the only one who can drink a bottle of wine in one sitting?

Finally, I have a few friends who could care less about makeup and clothes, but really focus on their skin health and attaining that ever elusive glow. For them, I am giving my holy grail product Pyunkang Yul which is the foundation to my seven skins routine. This lightweight essence just adds so much hydration that my skin just plumps right up and is ready for all my other serums and products I put on after it. One bottle lasts me about 8 months or so and I apply it twice in the morning every day.

It is kind of an obscure product I think and essences aren’t as big of a part of the American skin care routines as they are in Asia, but once you start incorporating them into your routine, you won’t be able to go without.

I feel like most moisturizers and some serums are very specific to different skins, but this product, kind of like the squalene oil mentioned above are pretty universal. Whether your skin is dry, oily or in between, this essence will work for you. It is actually designed with sensitive skin in mind, so for those friends who have issues with fragrance or sensitivity, this would work for them.

I think this makes a great gift maybe paired with a hair towel (another favorite of mine) or a silk pillowcase which helps keep those wrinkles away!

I normally get this from Amazon due to my prime membership and its from their authorized store but it can also be found on their website and other retailers. Like any brand name purchases on Amazon, please make sure you try to get it from an authorized seller rather than a re-seller.

So, I hope I have given you some great gift ideas but look in your own home and think about what YOUR favorite things are. Gift giving shouldn’t be stressful and remember that giving should be an act of love and joy. Happy Holidays!

Disclosure: My blog is supported by people who love health & beauty just like you. I only recommend products that I would use or that I love. All opinions expressed here are my own. I sometimes earn a small affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you, when you click through the affiliate link and purchase something. You can read more about my affiliate policy here.

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