This $109 Little Machine saves you the stress of shaving or waxing everyday.

My name is Stacey, 29 years of age. I bought Homiley IPL hair removal because of my thick hair. I have lots of hair, and they grow so fast. For many years I shave with a razor and do waxing.

The most annoying part is how often I do shave, most times 4 – 5 times a week, to keep myself clean. I have tried professional hair removal in the past; it worked but is too expensive.

I Live in New York City. One laser treatment session goes upwards of $500 – $5,000 for small to full body treatment.

I do the most important part at a professional spa center, and I complete the other part of my body waxing and shaving at home.

Honestly, this is just annoying and stressful to me. I couldn’t keep up with the expenses at some point, so I stopped.

How I discovered Homiley IPl hair removal

A few months ago, I came across this IPl device online. 

I ignored it initially until I found the same product in my friend’s dorm room.

She told me her experience with the product, so true to believe it, and I decided to give it a try.

I purchased the Homiley Beauty Rose, costing about $129, I just wanted to try out the device.

What changes did I notice with Homiley Beauty Rose IPL?

This entire treatment process took a long time for me, but I achieved a good result. 

You must keep in mind that the result varies from person to person, and you will see different results based on your skin or hair color.


Note: You must clean your skin properly before initiating treatment.

The first week 1 (2 sessions)

I started the treatment the next day I received my item. For precaution purposes, I started with my legs and arm on the first week.

Treatment days: I did my treatment twice every week, and it took me about 30mins for each session.

Results: I didn’t see any result; I was still shaving as usual.

Side effects: I didn’t see any side effects using the IPl. While using it, you will feel mild sting pain not as painful as professional hair removal.

I’m 100% cool with it, and nothing strange or burns after treatment. I was impressed by the whole process while anticipating future results.

Second /Third week (3 sessions)


In this week, I decided to step the number of times I do the treatment. I did 3 sessions. At this time, I included my bikini line and thigh. I loved the product because I just discovered the Auto mode setting, which made the treatment faster.

It took me about 20 mins as compared to the manual mode I used in the first week. This is a big plus for me because it saved me lots of time and energy.

Results: I have completed total 5 sessions counting from the first week, yet; nothing really changed at this point.

There were no burns, scars, or redness. My body was looking good. The treatment was breezy with optimistic hope something will change.

Fourth/Fifth week: (6 sessions) 

At the end of the fifth week, I completed 11 sessions counting from the first week.

This is where I started noticing some slight results. I noticed my hair started growing thinners and slower. 

I discovered I do not shave regularly. I now shave on 3 times a week.

This was a huge plus for me to continue. At this time, I didn’t even mind if it will take me another month to see some slight changes.

6th/8th Week: (5 sessions)

I slowed down my treatment to twice per week. At this time, I have completed a total of 16th sessions. 

My results went nut. In the mid of the 6th week, my hair stopped growing.

I thought it was a result of shaving I have to do before treatment; that was why I slowed down the treatment ½ session week to measure the results.

Result: I’m very happy with the results. I now do the treatment once every 2 weeks to maintain the result. I don’t use a razor; instead, I got a simple lady shaver.

Important Note (Auto/Manual Mode)

I recommend using manual mode for sensitive areas as it enables you to control the light and direct it to a specific treatment area.

Auto mode is good for large body areas such as leg, arm, belly, and thigh. Just set it, and it does the flashing for you.


Other Review/Experience with Homiley hair removal


Shipping Experience: The item arrived within 9-day of placing the order, depending on your location and shipment choice.

Quality of the item: I never had issues with the product. The first day was a bit challenging using it. The reason is that I didn’t go through the manual before using it.

I’m Clara, a solopreneurs, fashionista, and blogger. I love beauty and high fashion. When I’m not writing, you will see me on the piano.

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