Stop Waxing or Shaving – America’s Most Wanted Device for Hair Removal

  • Shave & Wax? Never again!
  • Safe for all skins? O yes!
  • Skin smooth as silk? You bet!

Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone else who just loves squeaky clean, smooth as butter skin. Let us share a secret with you:-

For starters, it is not a secret anymore that IPL hair removal was a secret among the elites not so long ago. An expensive secret, yes, but a sacrosanct secret nonetheless.

Most of us have wanted and craved the kind of skin flaunted by Hollywood actresses that begs for milk and honey. After all, it is something that is ingrained in us. Isn’t it? To present to us our own most beautiful self? 

However, in this third decade of the 21st century, silky smooth skin on legs, arms etc. really is incomplete without the terrific and the very best IPL Hair Removal Device that not only fulfills your desire for smooth body parts but is also available at the most reasonable price.

automatic and manual flash mode homiley ipl hair removal

So What Do We Do Then?

Worry no more! Wait no more! An amazing product is right here to satisfy your need for a skin that is smoother than the smoothest. There will never be a need to shave and wax for you ever again!

Yes, you read that right. No more cream and razor week after week for your body.

No more unnecessary hassle to go through when a simple device with an even simpler operational system is there to give you all that you want.

Yes, friends! We are talking about Homiley. Or more specifically, the Homiley Beauty Rose Skin IPL.

Yes, dear friends! That impeccable device, right there, is the secret!

Brilliant!  What Does The Product Do?

Let us have a close look at what our own Homiley Beauty Rose Skin IPL does. 

How is this device America’s #1 IPL Hair Removal Device for women? What does it do, really?

  1. In just 8 sessions, Homiley Beauty Rose Skin IPL Hair Removal delivers silky smooth skin and long lasting hair removal so that you never have to shave again.
  2. The device is absolutely safe and there are no damages whatsoever to the health of the user.
  3. It goes across the skin smoothly removing hair that shaving often doesn’t wipe.
  4. The device also improves the texture of the skin and the pigmentation.
  5. Works equally effectively on every type of skin, no matter the melanin content.
  6. Can be used on arms, legs, belly, breast, face, armpits, back and bikini line.
  7. Medically proven to reduce and remove signs of acne and sunburn.
  8. With 5 gears, it also has 2 flash modes — auto flash and manual flash — for skins with different sensitivities.
  9. Takes less than 15 minutes to give clean, clear and smooth skin.
  10. Has multiple protection systems and filters out 99.99% harmful light.
  11. Built-in sensor provides a feel if you need to change gears for better hair removal
Homiley treatment review

Oh Wait, There’s More!

The device has been designed in such a way that it glides smoothly and easily across your skin. It has different plug types US, US, EU and AU.

Available in Creamy White and Romeo Green, the Homiley Beauty Rose Skin IPL Hair Removal Device produces results for you 3 times faster so that you don’t have to wait months on to get what you want. 

Not only does it save plenty of time for you, it also lasts the longest of all.

The device is completely pain free and wipes away hair from any body part cleanly in just a few minutes. 

Results can be seen in just 4 to 8 weeks of consistent usage — a beautiful and silky smooth skin like never before.

O Wow! But Why Homiley?

Impulsed Pulse Light technology or IPL tech based hair removers are the new best friends of a woman. it work also for men as well. 

The demand for hairless, flawless, and smooth skin has grown manifold and is now in the hands of most Americans today.

So what changed from the time of yesteryears when this was only accessible to the elite?

Well, thankfully, the absolute beast called technology changed. Technology has grown at such a speed in the last 30 years, 

it’s like watching millions of years of evolution compressed in a two-hour movie, but in real time.

Technologically, we live in a marvelous time. In less than 40 years, we went from landlines to tiny smartwatches that can also make phone calls. Items once exclusively available to elites are now almost in every hand today.

Just like that, hair removal solutions have also jumped by leaps and bounds and have come to what we know as IPL today.

However, what was needed was a product that would not only do a better job than others but also be within better reach for people, something that people wouldn’t think twice before investing in.

This marked the arrival of America’s #1 At Home IPL Hair Removal Device for women — Homiley.

That’s Amazing! But What Exactly Is IPL Hair Removal?

As noted earlier, IPL stands for Impulsed Pulse Light. This advanced technology is the latest in a series of hi-tech methods for effective removal of unwanted hair from all over the body. 

They are specifically designed to halt the hair growth in the applied regions and for stopping them from regrowing again. The devices using IPL are small in size and can be hand-held.

The device uses short, focused and intense light beams to the root of the hair. With the intensive effect of the beam, the hair falls out from that point and gradually, with time, hair growth in that area stops eventually.

It is advisable not to epilate or wax where you are going to use the device. Though shaving is sure a good, quite useful, idea for the beam to reach deep in the hair follicle and halt hair growth.

Yes, friends! Now you have the technology to carry the most efficient beauty salon in your purse wherever you go, only with Homiley Beauty Rose Skin IPL. 15 minutes or less, your skin starts to feel smooth as silk. Homiley — your best help is here


You can be assured that such a splendid and highly effective product doesn’t exist in the market today. 

After all, there is a good reason that Homiley is the most loved of all IPL Hair Removal Products. 

You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars over time with Homiley that is proven to last more than 10 years! Try Homiley today and change the way you SHAVE!


By cassandra, United State

I am only on week 4 but I couldnt be happier!! I am a woman who suffers from PCOS and deals with hormone caused excessive hair, including facial hair. I got this because I was tired of waxing, plucking, and shaving every day. And a month in I have already seen a significant reduction in the hair on my chin and neck. Minus some stubborn thick hair this has been 1000% worth it. If this is only 4 weeks in I cant wait to see what it is like after 12 weeks.


By Marianne, Canada

Two months passed between these two pictures. I used the device according to the instructions and the result is excellent.


By Liz, United State

I ONLY have been using this laser on my underarms and bikini (soon to be Brazilian yeah I know it says not to do it but its working so woo!) So this is not a review for legs. I constantly have ingrown hairs and am uncomfortable in these two regions thanks to my hair but cant really afford professional laser. Waxing is expensive because my hair grows back within a week or less, and shaving every night works, but makes it look ugly and I can already see hair again in 12 hours or less.

arm IPl treatment results

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