Rose skin co Laser Hair Removal Review — 24hrs Pain!!

rose skin co hair removal

My experience with Rose skin co laser! My name is Veronica, and I’ve been having issues with too much body hair.

Friends have always shamed me because I don’t put on bikini’s neither do I go to swimming pools because I do not want people to laugh at me.

I usually use shaving sticks to reduce this hair. Still, they overgrow until my friend introduced me to Roe Skin Co Laser Hair removal, and the experience wasn’t as rosy as I expected. Below is my experience. Please follow me!


Why Am I doing Rose Skin co Review?

It is essential for intending customers to know what they are getting if they intend to use this product. I’m sharing this as a first-hand feeling and afterward after using this company’s product on my skin.

How Did I Discover Rose Skin Co laser?

Being someone who has had too much hair on her body, I just decided to go on Google to look for a solution and how I can manage this issue of too much hair that has made me lose my confidence.

In surfing the web, I came across Rose Skin Co laser handset, and I saw a mixed reaction of people’s comments about their product.

I decided to check the product, and I discovered that people had different things to say about their laser hair removal.

After studying the comments myself, I discovered that 62% recommended their products, while 38% complained of some side effects. Perhaps they didn’t use it well, but a week after I bought their product, I saw some comments on Google that were baffling; the complaints increased!

Comments from Google were flawed, and it was complaints of redness after using the products.

A portion of customers said they had skin irritation in which they needed to visit their dermatologists to get their skin cured. At the same time, some were angry about product delivery.

Here is some Clients Reviews from Rose Skin I read on Google:

Feedback 1: At first, when I used this product, I thought I found a solution to the hairy part in my body until the skin surface started itching and became red. It was so red that I became scared to contact an infection or develop a disease. I’m disappointed!

Feedback 2: Please, it is very disheartening that I ordered this product, whereas delivery doesn’t cover my country in Africa! Integrity matters, I didn’t get my product, and I’m highly disappointed.

Feedback 3: Although the laser hair removal did reduce the hair drastically, it came with rashes afterward. I had to look for another solution.

Feedback 4: If I had known, I would have just shaved myself naturally. After using this product, I had to purchase anti-inflammatory oil because my skin surface has changed!

My Personal Experience with Rose skin co Laser Hair Removal

I read the instructions on using the product, which I followed diligently, and I ensured I didn’t miss any details.

I felt maybe people who complained had skin problems before using it. I didn’t have any, it was just the hair, and when I began to use it, I felt positive!

However, after using it, there was no problem for the first two days until my skin began to develop redness, later it became painful, and I begin to wish I didn’t attempt to remove my body hair.

However, what saved me was that I only removed a part based on what I saw online. I only did a “test run” to see if I won’t be a part.


However, I got an alternative!

Well, you might be wondering how I managed to shave my hair without any further problems. It was through internet surfing again!

I found Homiley Hair Removal that did a perfect job without any repercussion. Another name for Homiley Hair Removal is “Perfect Hair Removal” because of the fantastic result!

My Final RoseSkinco Review!

Rose Skin Co Laser Hair Removal is suitable if your skin can take anything; some people have used it and confirmed its effectiveness.

Nevertheless, some set of persons are having issues resulting from using it, which made me arrive at some conclusions on it. They are:

✔ RoseSkinCo IPL is not for all types of skin.

✔ Ensure the product delivery covers your country, or else you will be disappointed.

✔ It may or may not do a perfect job in removing hair.

The Reliable Alternative

For a reliable alternative, you can trust Homiley Hair Removal. It is recommended for all skin types and does not have any negative aftermath. Apart from that, it has detailed instructions for every skin, when and when not to use it. Also, it lasts longer, and it is quality-made.

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