Lux skin IPL review after battling with excessive hair

Lux skin IPL review after battling with excessive hair

Hi Fams, a big hug to anyone reading this. I would like to share my experience with Lux skin IPL after battling with too much hair on my skin. You will need to read my Lux Skin Co. review so you can learn from a firsthand experience. Once again, my name is Natalia, and here is my experience with Lux Skin laser hair removal.


How I came across the Lux Skin Laser Hair Removal

I was making research on the internet to see if there is a new product to try which can put an end to my skin pigmentation issues and remove excessive hair on my skin.

I even went on YouTube to search for videos. I started clicking on suggestions.

It was in a video I watched on how to treat hair that an ad for Lux skin hair popped up. However, I already had a bad experience with this product and it was too late to adjust.

Before sharing my personal experience, just two days after using the product, I saw some negative comments about the products, reading the comment gave me a clue on what to expect. Below are some clients’ reviews:


The redness and pain my skin started feeling after using this product is simply out of this world. I regret purchasing it and wish I use my money for something else. I’m still trying to figure out a solution because my dark hairs are still present.


Well, after using this product, I feel like not all promos are meant to be tried because of the painful results that will follow. Lux Skin IPL has further damaged my skin and I wonder if it’s a hair removal in the first place.


I’m practically pleading to whoever that might be reading this and knows a suitable alternative to please reach me to tell me because I’m having serious skin reaction. This product only created more problems for me and the redness on my skin is so bad.



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How I used my Lux Skin IPL Hair Removal

Well, I unpacked it like it ought to be done in a traditional way. I connected the charger to the charging spot, and I started with the low frequency for my sensitive part. I shaved and shaved until I was satisfied.

I was happy with what I saw and chose to ignore the sharp pain my skin was feeling.

My thought was that it was the usual pain that comes after shaving. But my negligence cost me redness, irritation, and rashes. Read on!



The Aftermath of Lux Skin Co.

The pain became sharper and intense. I quickly used mild soap, hoping it’ll calm the pain, but the reverse was the case.

It was like pouring petrol inside a burning fire, and when I woke up the next day, my body surface became something else.

For some time, I became afraid of using any laser hair product. On the other hand, the hair was not gone, my skin looked rougher than ever, and I needed a solution.


The Alternative I used

After a long time searching, I saw the testimony of an individual named Rachel Tyson, who narrated how Homiley Hair Removal worked wonders on her skin.

She talked about having the best aftermath of shaving she ever experienced in her life and how she didn’t even need to bother using anything on her skin to prevent a reaction.


My Homiley Hair Removal Experience

I proceeded to buy Homiley Hair Removal at a lower price than Lux Skin Laser Hair Removal, and indeed, the story was true. Homiley Hair Removal did a great job on my skin, and I never worry about the after-shaving effect.

My skin was spotless, neat, and looked like I never had any dark skin or pigmentation on my skin. You won’t regret using this product.



Final Submission

If you need a reliable product for the sake of fair skin, use silky skin Hair Removal. It is cheaper, and it is a better alternative to the Lux Skin Co. product. You have no reason to panic because it has got FDA approval, whereas it is the opposite with Lux Skin Laser Hair Removal. Stay safe, please!

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