I wish i read Hey silky skin laser hair removal review B/4 Buying!!

Hi there, I’d like to inform anyone reading this about my experience with Hey Silky Skin Laser Hair Removal handset after coming across the product online.

I’m a beautiful skin lover, and I believe every lady should always have spotless skin.

The hairy part is for the guys, that is my belief, and because of my love for a beautiful body, I’ve spent more than $3000 on healthcare products.


Hey Silky Skin Product Reviews i ignored cost me side effects

Before purchasing this product, I noticed some customers gave it 1 star out of 5-star rating, and they complained that there are side effects.

Also, I noticed on Google, many customers already had a negative experience using the product, such as burning their skin, inflammation, and many more skin issues.

However, some did have some useful comments to make; my mistake was not paying attention to those who gave negative reviews. Below is a customer’s comment



HeySilkySkin customer reviews

At first, I thought it was nothing serious until my skin started developing redness, and ultimately resulted in skin burn. It’s so sad I wasted money.

Another customer also commented:

My skin turned red after using your hair removal, and it is quite painful. I used my hard-earned money to buy this product. You need to upgrade, honestly, not what I was expecting as I am greatly disappointed.



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My Personal Experience with Hey Silky Skin Laser Hair Removal handset

I came across Hey Silky Skin as a company through Google Ads, and I decided to check it out because I was obsessed with a beautiful outlook.

I clicked the ad, and it redirected me to their page, where I saw the products they offer, but my interest was laser hair removal.

I read through their product description thoroughly and checked the instructions on how to use it.


They were offering a discount of $150 instead of $200 price, although it was stated that the pandemic made the price $200, they were running a discount promo, which I decided to try.

I purchased it, and I was indeed happy because I felt it was a step towards looking good. Of course, I shaved. I felt good when shaving. However, the excellent experience did not last long.


What I discovered personally with HeySilkySkin

After using the laser removal, that same night, my skin started getting hot. I thought it was my first time and that everything would be calm soon.

However, inflammation began to surface on my skin, and within two days, the surface I shaved developed redness.

While trying to treat the redness, I had a skin infection until I stumbled on an alternative product that I used and didn’t cause any reaction.


The Alternative Product that saved me!

After my experience with the Hey Silky device, a friend introduced me to Homiley Hair Removal, and I’m glad to say it was the best shaving experience I’ve had in my whole life.

After using Homiley Hair Removal on sensitive and insensitive areas, I did not suffer any after-shaving effect. I felt light and right as my skin did not change color. It felt so good.

Homiley silky skin hair removal products a beautiful and usual shape. I love it because it uses a light beam that doesn’t hurt to remove the hair follicle from the skin, and it is a mobile.


How Homiley IPL Works

✔ Remove the product from the pack.

✔ Connect the charger to the device and plug it into an extension.

✔ Power on the device, but do not use it instantly.

✔ Tune it to the lowest frequency, and apply gently on the sensitive part of your body.

✔ Once you are satisfied with the result, apply to the other parts.


My Piece of Advice — Homiley OR HeySilkySkin

Homiley Hair Removal is a viable alternative to the HeySilkySkin product device, and you have no reason to panic about any afterward consequence on your skin. You will be glad you followed my advice.

Finally, Homiley has got FDA approval, while Hey Silky Skin doesn’t, go for Homiley Hair Removal and thank me later!

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