Happy Skin Co Hair Removal Review

Happy Skin Co Hair Removal Review

Hi Everyone! My name is Rebecca and I’m glad you’re here. If you’re here, it probably means that like me, you’re struggling with too much skin hair and you’re looking for effective options. Is this product the solution you’ve been looking for though? Read on for my personal experience with the product for the complete lowdown.

How I Discovered Happy Skin Co

As I said earlier, I badly needed a product that could help me fix my skin pigmentation challenges and also get rid of excess hair on my skin. My search led online and eventually, to Happy Skin Co.


I figured I’d found the perfect solution to all my skin problems, especially when it had a name like that, but I didn’t want to take any chances. So I decided to read its reviews. To be honest, the reviews were generally positive, although a few comments stuck out like red flags. Let me highlight just three here:

“I bought this product with so much optimism, believing it to be the end of all my problems. I later got to find out that it was the beginning of a whole new set of problems. I experienced such pain, redness, and irritation on my skin after I used it that I heartily wish I didn’t see it at all.” happy skin co review

“My experience with this product was negative from start to finish. It was delivered more than two weeks past its due date, but I was willing to overlook that if it was delivered. It didn’t, but it did cause such a severe skin reaction, I had a problem sleeping for days. I asked for a refund, only to be informed I couldn’t get one. This product was just a waste of my time and money, sadly.” happy skin co review

“The irritation and itching I felt after using this product were nothing short of unimaginable! Just minutes after I finished shaving with it, I felt this peculiar pins and needles sensation that got me alarmed. A few hours later, the area had swollen so terribly! I didn’t need anyone to tell me that I’d made a bad investment. I tried reaching out to the company but their customer service was just as bad as their products. I simply cannot recommend this product” happy skin co review


Reactions after Using Happy Skin Co

After reading the reviews, it was clear that skin irritation, swelling, and redness were common side effects of the product and indeed, the most common complaint. I didn’t let this deter me though, so I purchased it.

When it arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement and I immediately used it, making sure to follow all the instructions. Things seemed to be going well and I was initially satisfied with the results, except for a slight pain that I was experiencing after shaving.

I wasn’t too concerned because I felt it would subside before the next morning. I was wrong. The next day, the pain had become something much more severe. My entire skin was red and covered with rashes.

Homiley Crystal Skin to my rescue!

At this point, I was ready to give upon laser hair removal entirely, and then I read the comments of a user who swore by Homiley Crystal Skin. Her testimony was so amazing that I decided to give it one last shot. It was important to me that she mentioned that she experienced no discomfort at all after shaving, didn’t need to buy any product to prevent a reaction and the shave itself was awesome.

Did Homiley Crystal Skin Prove Effective?

Well, let me tell you about Homiley Crystal Skin, it is a 5-in-1 effective product Acne Remover (AR), Moisture Testing (Mo-Co), Hair Removal (HR), Skin Rejuvenation (SR), & Ice Freezing. Well, my skin has been rejuvenated which is the good news about this product. Above all, you need not worry about skin burn or irritation.


I bought Homiley Crystal Skin and was pleasantly surprised to find that the testimony was true and then some. For the first time in ages, I didn’t experience post-shave reactions. It didn’t stop there, my skin was so smooth, and I could hardly recognize it myself. It was like I never had any pigmentation at all.

First and foremost, it helped get rid of excess hair on my skin, then it rejuvenated my skin, giving it a glow naturally. I used to also struggle with acne breakouts but Homiley Crystal Skin helped tackle that particular issue. Homiley Crystal Skin is also superb at ice freezing and moisture testing, making it the complete package.

My Advice to you reading this!

If you’re on the lookout for a product that will help your skin achieve a spotless, beautiful look without the risk of irritation or any other negative reactions, don’t look beyond Homiley Crystal Skin. It’s a far better alternative to Happy Skin Co. It’s also got FDA approval, for increased peace of mind.

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